Molten iron pretreatment

Coated granular magnesium powder (passivated magnesium powder)

1. Physical and chemical indicators:
(1) Chemical composition
Magnesium content before passivation: ≮99.95%
Active magnesium content after passivation: 90-96%
(2) Physical indicators
Appearance: silver-gray, spherical, ellipsoidal, multi-diagonal granular
Particle size: 0.5-1.6mm
Particle size composition: 0.5-1.6mm particles ≥90%
Irregular granules (ie needle-like granules larger than 3 mm) ≤ 10%
Bulk density: 0.98-1.0g/m3
Angle of repose: <30°
Self-ignition point: ≮600°C
Smoldering time: (1000 ° C) 15-17s
2, technical performance:
(1) Initial sulfur content of molten iron is 0.03%
End point sulfur can reach 0.001%
(2) Unit consumption is 0.35-0.40kg/ton of molten iron
(3) The blowing time is 6.5-10 minutes
(4) The temperature drop of the spray is 1.2 ° C / min